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The Spidersuit is a suit originally designed to help combat loss of muscle tone in astronauts who spend long periods of time in space. The suit is made up of elastic bands and special materials that offer sensory stimulation that promotes muscle development and improved posture.

The suit is made from a combination of stretch and non-stretch fabrics that provide gentle compression and postural support for the patient's body. The suit includes a series of bungee straps that connect around the body and are used to adjust the degree of resistance and support that the suit provides. The suit also includes a series of fixations and anchors that allow the therapist to customize the degree of support and resistance for each patient.

During Spidersuit therapy, the patient performs a series of exercises and activities while wearing the suit. The exercises and activities are designed to help improve the patient's strength, coordination, mobility and stability. The suit is commonly used in physical and occupational therapy to treat patients with a variety of motor disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, spina bifida, and other neuromuscular conditions.

This suit has been used in the field of neurological rehabilitation due to its benefits for patients with neuromotor disorders. The Spidersuit allows you to work on strength and muscle tone in an intensive and personalized way, since the tension of the elastic bands can be adjusted to the individual needs of each patient.

The main difference between the spidersuit and the therasuit is the design and the amount of reinforcements and straps they include. The therasuit has a more structured design and offers more support, while the spidersuit is more flexible and focuses on providing uniform resistance to movement.

Overall, both the spidersuit and therasuit are useful tools in physical and occupational therapy to help improve muscle function and coordination in patients with a variety of neurological and muscular conditions. Each suit has its own advantages and may be suitable for patients with specific needs.


At Fivan, we offer personalized neurological rehabilitation therapies for each patient, and the Spidersuit is a very effective tool that we use in our rehabilitation protocols. Together with other resources such as weights, the Lokomat® robot, aquatic work in the pool, DNHS® and hyperbaric chamber, the Spidersuit allows us to provide our patients with comprehensive and effective care to achieve the best results in their neurological rehabilitation.

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