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The BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation) is a low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field therapy technology that seeks to improve microcirculation and, therefore, the general health of the body. BEMER therapy is based on the application of low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields.sity that stimulate the smallest blood vessels, improving blood flow and the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs.

Microcirculation is an essential part of the human body's circulatory system. It consists of the smallest and finest capillaries, arterioles, venules and networks of capillaries that extend throughout the body. Here are some reasons why microcirculation is important:

  1. Nutrient and Waste Exchange: Microcirculation is responsible for the exchange of nutrients and oxygen from the blood to the tissues, and the removal of metabolic wastes and carbon dioxide from the tissues to the blood. This exchange is vital to maintaining cellular health and function.

  2. Temperature Regulation: Capillaries in the skin help regulate body temperature. When it's cold, the capillaries in the skin constrict to keep heat in the body. When it's hot, they expand to allow for greater heat loss.

  3. Immune Defense: Leukocytes (immune cells) use microcirculation to reach sites of infection or injury. The extravasation process allows these cells to leave the capillaries and enter the tissue where their action is needed.

  4. Blood Pressure Control: Arterioles, an important part of microcirculation, play a key role in regulating blood pressure. By changing their diameter (a process known as vasoconstriction or vasodilation), they can increase or decrease resistance to blood flow, thus affecting blood pressure.

This therapy is applied using devices that include mats, pads and localized accessories, which are used in different configurations depending on the patient's needs. The electromagnetic fields generated by BEMER devices act on the cells and tissues of the body, promoting the elimination of metabolic waste and promoting cell regeneration.

BEMER therapy has been used in the treatment of various conditions, such as chronic pain, fatigue, circulatory disorders and in post-workout recovery in athletes. It has also been used as a complementary treatment in chronic diseases and to improve the quality of life in older people. However, it is important to note that BEMER therapy should not be considered a sole treatment for any disease and its effectiveness may vary between patients.

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