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Animal assisted therapy

Thegoals of animal-assisted therapies are to improve and maintain the physical, cognitive, emotional and social functions of a person through a therapy animal, such as dogs.

This resource can be used by any child or adult regardless of their pathology. It is also usually a great source of motivation for all users.

The power of motivation

At FIVAN we work withSamba. The activities are always on schedulegiven by the main therapist, and assisted by the animal itself and a technician. In this way, the proper development of tasks and activities and the well-being of the animal are guaranteed. Like any other therapy, it is focused on somepreviously established objectivesby the therapist and therefore, all actions and tasks will be directed towards obtaining them.


This type of therapy also offers us someadvantages What is important to highlight:

  • Physical benefits.

  • Relief from stress and anxiety.

  • Overcoming fears.

  • Sensory and tone improvements and regulation.

  • Increased sense of responsibility.

  • Improvement in verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • Management of waiting times, rest, impulsivity and inhibitory control.

  • Increases social interaction in different environments.

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