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FIVAN is a Foundation established in December 2004, classified as a non-profit entity, and registered in the Registry of Foundations of the Ministry of Education and Science with number 1,081. Among others, it hasfoundational purposes the promotion, organization, financing and development of research programs and projects taking into consideration not only the healthcare and scientific aspects, but also their social repercussions.

In recent years, FIVAN has organizedcourses, national and international conferences and workshops with the aim of delving deeper into the field of neurosciences and neurorehabilitation. He also actively participates in different courses and master's degrees, to bring students from different disciplines closer to excellence in the assessment and treatment of people with brain injuries or dysfunctions.

Theinvestigation It has always been one of the most important pillars of the foundation. FIVAN is committed to scientific evidence and to the publication of works that support our working method.

Research and Training
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