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Custom splints

Thecustom construction and design of a splint is crucial due to a series ofreasons:

  1. Proper Fit: Each person has a unique anatomy, and a custom design ensures the splint fits correctly on the patient's hand and arm. A proper fit is essential to provide the necessary support and avoid complications such as skin irritation, excessive pressure or blood flow restriction.

  2. Functionality: A custom splint is designed with the patient's specific needs in mind in terms of support, mobility and function. This allows the splint to be more effective in correcting deformities, preventing contractures, relieving pain, or immobilizing an injured joint as needed.

  3. Comfort: A custom-made splint is more comfortable to wear as it conforms to the natural contours of the patient's hand and arm. Comfort is essential to ensure patient adherence to treatment and increase the effectiveness of therapy.

  4. Deformity Management: A custom splint can be designed to address specific hand deformities, such as contractures, claw fingers, or hammer toes. By tailoring the splint to individual needs, better control of the deformity can be achieved and facilitate recovery or maintenance of hand function.

  5. Facilitate rehabilitation: In the context of neurological rehabilitation, a personalized hand splint can facilitate the recovery of motor function, the reduction of spasticity and the improvement of muscle control, by providing the necessary support and stability.


In summary, the custom construction and design of a hand splint is essential forensure the effectiveness, comfort and adaptability of the treatment, resulting in better recovery and quality of life for the patient.

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